Friday, July 10, 2015

Celestial Hunters Fellblade

Something big coming up y'all! I think that is my favourite space marine vehicle model in all the FW and GW ranges. To me the visuals and the design of that tank is just perfect, I didn't even think about changing of converting anything when I was building it. The only thing I added to make it look more 40k-ish is a plastic tank commander that I kitbashed from some scouts box leftovers, new sternguard box bits, legs and the back piece from the rhino gunner that comes in every rhino/razorback/predator/etc box. 


  1. Beautiful paint job. I really love the paint chips and the color scheme!

  2. Thank you very much. I actually am thinking about adding more decals because I think the turret looks good, but the main hull looks kind of dull and blank. Though I'm pretty much satisfied with how the tank turned out I think it can be even better :)

  3. Very beautiful. I love the worn-away paint.

    Also it makes so much sense that marine tank crew would wear lighter, more recon-esque armour rather than full power armour. Especially if its interior is anything like